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Philosophy in Action
At CyviZen, we are dedicated to developing cutting-edge software solutions that prioritize security & privacy.
Our Expertise
Security focused software development, we speciliase in creating robust security applications at the core
Your Data is Yours; CyviZen enables this through the unique suite of products that gives you the power to safeguard your data
Privacy Focused Solutions
Privacy is paramount in today’s interconnected world. We design privacy-focused solutions that comply with regulations and empower users to control their data.
Secure Coding Practices
We adhere to secure coding standards to minimise security risks and vulnerabilities from the outset of development.
Client-Focused Approach
We prioritise client needs and collaborate closely to develop bespoke solutions tailored to specific security and privacy requirements.
We ensure compliance with above industry standards and regulations, giving you peace of mind.
Continuous Support
Our relationship doesn’t end at deployment. We provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep your systems secure.
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)
Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities is crucial. Our team conducts comprehensive VAPT to fortify your systems against potential threats.
Extensive Experience
Our team comprises seasoned professionals with years of experience in security-focused software development.
We Love what We Do
CyviZen is a Not-For-Profit, and everyone involved does so with a deep love & passion for seeing normal enthusiasts live in a safer world

Look & Feel

minimal desktop layout

Cyberspace Dreamers:

Keidrych - Research & Development
JUBU L33T & CYN ensure you can Scorched Earth & recover your CyberSpace World
Krishna - Systems Management
Technology is here to stay, & I want to see a world where we can trust technology we use to live life to its fullest
Elisha - Manufacturing
true intelligence is taking a complex problem & making it as simple as possible



Yidindji Made with 💕 & Care RRP: $133.70 ex Individually customised 256GB SSD with CyviZen Operating System Works on ANY 2017+ x86_64 Computer <most computers> 3+ Separate Rooms with 3+ Desktops per room Lifetime Free Automatically Updates Apps Include ▪️CytCom for Free Private P2P Video Calling ▪️CYN Compliant for Authoritative Digital Identity ▪️NODES Compliant for Emergency Situations ▪️OnlyOffice for 100% docx compatibility ▪️Secure Phone <--> Computer Integration ▪️BetterBird for Emails ▪️KeePassXC & BitWarden for Password Vault ▪️Prints without drivers to any IPP Compatible Printer ▪️Scans without drivers to any SANE Compatible Scanner ▪️LibreWolf for WWW Private/Anonyminity Browsing ▪️FireFox (Optimised by Enthusiasts) for WWW Browsing ▪️ClamAV AntiVirus ▪️OpenSnitch Firewall ▪️USB Guard for protection against Bad USB ▪️ ... and many more ...


Unique Identification, CYN & Security RRP: $360.70 ex 1 of 256GB JUBU L33T with CyviZen Operating System 1 of 8GB Apricon 3NX Secure Key 1 of OnlyKey

JUBU L33T 2 Scorched Earth

Best Value for CYN, Security & Backup RRP: $733.10 ex 2 of 256GB JUBU L33T with CyviZen Operating System 2 of 8GB Apricon 3NX Secure Key 2 of OnlyKey 2 of USB-A 4-Port HUB 2 of USB-C to USB-A

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jubu l33t & how does it work?
a secure operating system that runs directly from an external USB/SSD. It offers encrypted storage, privacy-focused browsing, and productivity tools, all without leaving a trace on the host computer.
What security features does Jubu l33t offer?
full disk encryption with passphrase-only access, multi-factor authentication support, and protection against unauthorised USB devices. It also incorporates validated code execution for enhanced safety.
Can Jubu l33t be used on any computer?
Yes, Jubu L33T is compatible with most computers that support USB booting, including those running Windows, and Linux. Apple computers are incompatible with the operating system, but you can copy files using yIO.
How is Jubu l33t different from a regular USB drive?
Jubu acts as a fully functional operating system, not just storage. It allows you to boot into a secure environment directly from the USB drive, preserving your privacy and security. There are 3 functions OS, yIO & a private vault.
Can I use Jubu l33t for offline tasks?
Yes, Jubu supports offline usage, including accessing and editing business websites directly from the USB.
How does Jubu l33t handle updates and backups?
Jubu automatically updates itself to ensure security and performance. An initial backup is required to set up the system to ensure your digital presence is secured.
Is Jubu l33t easy to configure and personalise?
Yes, Jubu uses TOML files for configuration and automatically themes itself based on your chosen background picture for a personalised experience.
What is the cost of Jubu l33t and where can I purchase it?
Jubu L33T is priced at SYD$133.70 plus taxes or equivalent in your local currency. You can purchase it from your local Channel Partner, see below

How do I buy CyviZen

CyviZen is From Enthusiasts To Enthusiasts (FETE) Exclusively distributed via Channel Partners in support of local communities. A list of Channel Partners is available at