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Conversational Operating System

by a Not-For-Profit also offering Emergency tolerant Hardware & Anonymity Networks for CyberSpace

So you may Natively Survive in CyberSpace or become a Cyber Survival DeniZen


CyviZen provides a native Digital Identity for CyberSpace interactions (we call it self), service providers and users can leverage this Digital Identity Framework to seal authored content as their own. Public content without a seal is anonymous & assumed fictitious.

Privacy is NO LONGER a Social Norm

CyviZen provides the platform to choose your own Data Sovereignty adventure. By default your data exists on your computer/phone (we call them shells) & We cannot access your data, no exceptions!

Anonymity is NOT the Problem

CyviZen is Anonymous-First, while you have a digital self in CyberSpace all interactions in CyberSpace communities are anonymous & backtrace/linking resistant, only your self knows which anonymous identity links to you in which CyberSpace community.

The Internet is DEAD

CyviZen links you directly to CyberSpace, Anonymity & Digital Identity are both natural within CyberSpace, AIs/Bots are identifiable as such.

Social Media is Worse Than Ever

CyviZen sheds the you vs us polarisation traps of Social Media, restores the fractured nature that was lost by the internet enabling communities to gather around shared beliefs and interests mirroring nature.

Access any computer/mobile in 30 minutes

CyviZen extends Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS) the industry standard for securing data on servers & moving platforms such that to our knowledge only the hash of the passphrase (which does not help a cracker) can be accessed by methods like this.

VPN’s are a waste of money

CyviZen brings you direct access to CyberSpace, your network packets are designed to be Anonymous at all times when accessing CyberSpace, but we don’t stop you from using IPv4/6 networks the internet should you need or desire for World Wide Web (WWW) access

CyviZen Reconciles to Mankind

  • Digital Freedom
  • Anonymity by Right
  • Data Sovereignty
  • Globally Unique Digital Identity
  • Access to CyberSpace